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First 24 hours and after…

Iana Cornescu

Eyelash extensions require extra care, especially the first 24 hours after getting the service. During this time we can not have any water, eye makeup, heat exposure and any type of oily products on them. Because the lash extension are still adapting and the glue is still drying, exposing your lashes to any of the listed above can cause your lash extensions to fall sooner. I would highly recommend not wearing much eye makeup, it makes a huge difference to your retention. 

    Oil in general breaks the bond of the glue, so even after the 24 hour period it is very important to avoid any oil around the eyes. This goes along with the makeup remover you are using. Most makeup removers are oil based, you can still use your favorite oil base makeup remover but you will need an oil-free option for your eyes. 

    Talking about makeup, the idea that you can’t use eye make up while having lash extensions is a myth. You can keep using mascara and eye liner, but you have to make sure they are not waterproof. I would not recommend using other products just because its harder to keep track of the oil content in eyeshadows, concealers, highlighters, bases, etc. I would not recommend mascara as well but I do understand the use of mascara after 3 weeks when lashes are falling out randomly and you might have little gaps. 

   To remove the makeup you have to use oil free make remover as mentioned above. No makeup wipes, or cotton swabs, all of that is not moist enough and will just get in between the hairs and you will end up pulling on the extensions. Instead, try putting more of the remover on the cotton pad and let it sit on your eyelid for a moment so that the makeup loses up and then go ahead and wash them with some warm water and baby soap WITH YOUR FINGERS. The idea here is to be as gentle as possible. 

    Brushing your lashes every day and a few times a day sounds easy but most of my clients find it hard to get used to. Brushing them is the key to keep them in shape. My best technique when it comes to brushing is doing it while they are wet. In the morning and at night when you wash your face, pad dry your lashes and when they are still a little wet, brush them for a minute. Brush them from the top towards the outside corners of the eyes and from the bottom just tap them gently for lifting and you are set. 

    In general Eyelash extensions are supposed to ease our lives, and if we take that extra care with them they will last much longer and look good for longer as well.