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How long do lash extensions last and when is it time for a fill?

Iana Cornescu

A high quality lash extension set should last you from 3-6 weeks depending on how good you follow the instruction of the aftercare. And I will add a special blog to explain what I mean by high quality lash set. 

When it comes to maintaining your lashes there are 2 ways to do it. You can either get a fill every 2/3weeks or you can get a new set every 4/5weeks.

If you go with every 2.3 weeks with LaLuxLash, you will get a lash bath to make sure that the fill is done on clean lashes. This also means that roughly 50% of your extensions should be present and only the ones that are too grown should be replaced. Every lash has it's own lash cycle and might grow faster than others so 2 weeks is usually the perfect time to have a perfect balance. Don't forget when yo get fills you don't let your lashes breath as much so this means you must take breaks 2-3 times a year for 3-4 weeks. I know!!! You can't even imagine looking in the mirror with no lashes but you must do that so you can have healthy lashes that can afford holding up the extensions. 

The second option would be getting a new set every weeks and this option is for those who don't care as much about how the lashes look as they care about their health. This option is also for those people that take excellent care of their lashes. When you get a new set every time, it means that you let the lashes breath instead of gluing new lashes constantly. Again this option is for those that don't mind not having a perfect full look at all times. 

I found a good balance between these 2 options and I highly recommend getting about 5 fills andget a whole new set. This option gives you the hygiene, and gives me a chance to see the health of your bare natural lashes. It also gives you that little break before you get a new set again. 

Everyone is different and it's totally normal to go with either one so you decide whats good for your lashes...