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What is a Quality set?

Iana Cornescu

Before setting a lash extension appointment, you need to make your research. The following things should be taken in consideration: artist, products he/she uses, different styles, amount of time the service takes, and the price of course. 

  • Artist: If you are going to a salon you need to ask to see prior work of each artist they have to have an idea the style of their work, weather you like it or not and who you want to go with. If you are going to an freelance artist, as well request to see their prior work. 
  • Products: there is different types of lash extensions that artist use, the most inexpensive lashes are the synthetics. They are usually thinker and and it’s very easy to see the difference because they look fake. These are also the fastest to com off because they are of firm(check). Silk lashes would be a better options if you are looking for quality. The look so much more natural, soft and light which is very important for volume sets. The best option is the mink lashes, they are the lightest, softest and the fluffiest thats why they are called mink lashes. They are the most expensive ones but even here you need to be careful because there is good mink and bad mink. Salons usually give you an option between faux mink and real mink. If you are going for volume, then mink should not even be under question mark. Even if you get the most volume, they will make the look to seen natural because of their texture. 
  • Styles & Time : Before going in, see which styles you like the most (cat eye, dolly, etc.). When you go in make sure to ask if the stile you decide on will fit your wow shape, because each person is different and same look will look different others. So in order to not open your eyes and not see what you were expecting, have the artist help you, it is their job. Each stile has different amounts of lashes which means more or less time to complete the set. Ask your artist to be prepare what to expect. 
  • Pricing : A quality set of lashes will never be less than $100, simply because of the products used. The best products for artists to use are much more expensive than you might think. Than doesn't mean there are no chap products, with which cheap work is done. A high quality mink volume set ranges $200-400 at salons and takes from 2-3 hours of precise work. A chapter job at a nail salon while they are upselling you during your manicure will cost you $70 and will be done in 45 min. It is simply impossible to do a volume set in that time UNLESS the lashes are placed on more than one lash and you get an allergic reaction since there is too much glue on your eyelids.