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Inspired by Quality


What makes LaLuxLash different from others?

Being a woman is not as easy as it looks and LaLuxLash is here to help.

Lash extensions are so convenient because we can literally wake up pretty and go on with our day without spending time on getting ready. They make a huge difference to our face and to our confidence believe it or not.

There is a ton of options at the salons for lash extensions: synthetic, silk, mink, synthetic mink, classic, 3D, russian volume, hollywood style. With all these options it is easy to get confused and overcharged. 

We believe that beauty should be affordable to every woman, especially quality service. This is why Laluxlash makes it easy by only offering the highest quality mink lashes for the price of synthetic lashes at other salons. 


We are about quality not quantity.



Only High Quality Products

The reason why our lashes last for a month is because of the products we use. All of the products used on clients are from Europe. We do not use synthetic lashes because they give a very unnatural look. Starting from classic look to the most volumized look, they all have a natural feel to them.

Mink lashes are the lightest and fluffiest lash options there are, this is why they work great for classic and volume sets. They feel very light on the eyes and on our natural lashes as well.  


Lashes With Character

When it comes to lash extensions, it is extremely important to know the basics. That does not mean you should stick to the basics, a skillful artist will play around and get you a look that doesn't look like all the others for that specific style. LaLuxLash gives each set a character weather it is a classic set, 3d, or russian volume. Just like a makeup artist, hair stylist, a lash artist should have a signature look too. 

At The Comfort Of Your Own Home

LaLuxLash is a studio based in Los Angeles but also collaborates with different salons through out the city, as well as home calls for clients that do not want to leave their house to get the service (weddings, photoshoots, events, etc). You can request a housecall, just include the city and days preferred and we will try to accommodate your request (not for regular visits). It takes anywhere from one hour to 3 hours for lash extensions visits, you decide where you want to spend that time.